Cyclical Price Return Calculator

Use this calculator to compute the percent returns plus the number and percentage of all profitable trades and unprofitable trades for a price cycle defined by a period of rising prices (upside), a peak and a period of declining prices (downside).

Use the calculator for any stock, exchange-traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund listed on a major U.S. stock exchange and supported by Alpha Vantage. Some stocks traded on non-U.S. exchanges are also supported. Indexes are not supported.

Cyclical Price Return Calculator
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Computational Notes:

The calculator computes the return information for:

Results are presented in four tables, one for each of the four types of trades. The results include a summary of profitable and unprofitable returns.

In general buy of the upside and sell on the upside trades have the largest percentage of profitable trades while buy on the downside and sell on the downside trades have the fewest profitable trades.

The calculator identifies the peak price and assumes all prices before it define the price upside. The price downside starts with the first price after the peak and includes all subsequent prices.

If the last price of the price sequence is the peak price, the calculator assumes there is no downside. If the first price of the price sequence is the peak price, the calculator assumes there is no upside.

You can change the dates of the analysis so the price sequence includes only one price cycle or several cycles. But the analysis identifies only one peak so the highest peak is used for the analysis if more than one cycle is present.

The calculator uses monthly closing prices that are adjusted for splits and dividends.

In the results tables the Total Return, Annualized Return and Current Value of $1,000 Purchase are based on the first and last prices.

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