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Stock Return Map Maker - See Patterns of Gains and Losses

The Stock Return Map Maker displays a color-coded map of the percent returns for each buy and sell combination for a selected period for any stock listed on a major U.S. stock exchange and supported by Quandl.

Use the map to get a quick picture of profitable (green) and unprofitable (red) buy and sell returns. It's easy to toggle between different periods to see short-term and longer term returns. Compare maps of your favorite stocks. See How to Read a Stock Return Map for details about the map.

Simply enter any symbol recognized by Yahoo! Finance and the map period. Then click the Display Map button. In a few seconds the winners and losers map will be displayed on a new page.

Stock Return Map Maker
Quote Symbol:
Map Period:    1 Year  5 Years   10 Years   20 Years   All Years
All prices from Quandl are adjusted for splits and dividends. Calculator does not support mutual funds or indexes.

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