Intraday Stock Return Map Maker - See Patterns of Gains and Losses

The Intraday Stock Return Map Maker displays a color-coded map of the percent returns for each buy and sell combination for a selected period for any stock, exchange-traded fund (ETF) and mutual fund listed on a major U.S. stock exchange and supported by Alpha Vantage. Some stocks traded on non-U.S. exchanges are also supported. Indexes are not supported.

Use the map to get a quick picture of profitable (green) and unprofitable (red) returns for different buy and sell dates. A map with lots of green indicates that many returns made money and a map that is predominantly red means many returns did not make money.

It's easy to see the pattern of returns of all sell dates for a given buy date. And you can see the pattern of returns for a given sell date across all buy dates. See Buy and Sell Combinations for an in-depth description of how buy and sell pairs are arranged for the gains and losses analysis.

See How to Read a Stock Return Map for details about the map.

Intraday trades generate thousands and millions of returns and this map maker computes and displays returns for 5, 15, 30 and 60-minute intervals for recent trading days. The map maker uses closing unadjusted prices to compute returns. Typically, the 5-minute interval includes around 3,000 intraday prices that generate around 4,000,000 returns. See number of returns for an explanation of how returns are computed.

Intraday Stock Return Map Maker
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Number of Prices and Returns for Time Intervals

Use Stock Return Map Maker - See Patterns of Gains and Losses to display maps of returns for longer time intervals.


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