Electric Vehicle Stocks: Database of SPACs

Here are electric vehicle stocks special purpose aquisition companies (SPACs).


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Alussa Energy Acquisition Corp.ALUSFREYR Battery, a battery maker.Q2 2021FRYR Battery (FREY)
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp.ACTCProterra, an electric bus, battery and charging company. 1st half of 2021 Proterra (PTRA)
Churchill Capital Corp IVCCIVLucid, a U.S based electric car company.Q2 2021N/A
CIIG MergerCIICArrival, an electric van and bus company. Q1 2021Arrival Group (ARVL)
Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I AcquisitionCLIIEVgo, a charging network provider.Q2 2021EVgo (EVGO)
Forum Merger III CorporationFIIIUElectric Last Mile, an electric van company. Q1 2022Electric Last Mile Solutions Inc (ELMS)
GigCapital3GIKLightning eMotors, a commercial electric vehicle company.1st half 2021Lightning eMotors Inc. (LEV)
Newborn Acquisition Corp.NBACNuvve, a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) company.Q1 2021Nuvve Holding Corp .(NVVE)
NextGen Acquisition CorporationNGACXos, a U.S based electric commercial vehicle company.Q2 2021XOS
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp.NGALion Electric Company, a manufacturer of all-electric buses and trucks.Q1 2021Lion Electric (LEV)
Peridot Acquisition CorpPDACLi-Cycle, a lithium-ion battery resource recovery company.Q2 2021Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. ( LICY)
Property Solutions AcquisitionPSACFaraday Future, a U.S based electric car company.Q2 2021FFIE
TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp.TPGYEVBox Group, a European based electric charging station company.Q1 2021EVBox Group (EVB)
Tuscan Holdings Corp.THCBMicrovast, a U.S. electric vehicle battery maker.Q2 2021Microvast Holdings Inc. (MVST)

14 Electric Vechicle SPACs Stocks

Name & Return

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Alussa Energy Acquisition Corp. ALUS
ArcLight Clean Transition Corp. ACTC
Churchill Capital Corp IV CCIV
Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition CLII
Forum Merger III Corporation FIIIU
GigCapital3 GIK
Newborn Acquisition Corp. NBAC
NextGen Acquisition Corporation NGAC
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp. NGA
Peridot Acquisition Corp PDAC
Property Solutions Acquisition PSAC
TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp. TPGY
Tuscan Holdings Corp. THCB
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