Making Money with Electric Vehicle Stocks (A-Z)

Here is a table of current values of a $1,000 investment made 100 daily prices ago for 38 electric vehicle stocks listed in alphabetical order. Some stocks turned the $1,000 investment into huge profits. All daily closing prices are from Alpha Vantage.

Making Money with 38 Making Money with Electric Vehicle Stocks

Stock & Monthly Returns

Current Value & Daily Returns

ArcLight Clean Transition Corp.$2,529
Beam Global$4,092
Blink Charging$6,055
BYD Company$3,208
BYD Company$3,213
Churchill Capital Corp IV$2,523
CIIG Merger$2,669
Climate Change Crisis Real Impact I Acquisition$2,005
DPW Holdings$2,868
Electrameccanica Vehicles$3,019
Forum Merger III Corporation$1,384
GreenPower Motor Company$1,744
Hyliion Holdings$352
Kandi Technologies Group$1,210
Li Auto$1,749
Lordstown Motors$1,346
Magna International$1,511
Newborn Acquisition Corp.$1,737
NIO Limited$2,982
Niu Technologies$2,302
Northern Genesis Acquisition Corp.$2,888
Property Solutions Acquisition$1,183
Romeo Power$1,816
Switchback Energy Acquisition Corporation$3,792
TPG Pace Beneficial Finance Corp.$2,477
Tuscan Holdings Corp.$1,461
Workhorse Group$1,226
XL Fleet$1,976
Current value results use the last 100 daily closing prices from Alpha Vantage as of Jan-25-2021

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