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Price Direction Indicator (PDI) Calculator and Chart Maker

Savvy investors know that buying stocks on the upside is the way to make money. For lengthy upsides of several months to many years, the total return can be large. Conversely, for an extended downside price series, most investors and traders lose money because most of the possible trades are unprofitable.

Use the Price Direction Indicator (PDI) to analyze if a price pattern has peaked or bottomed for any stock listed on a major U.S. stock exchange and supported by Quandl.

On the form below, enter a stock symbol, price series interval and the selected dates for the analysis. Then click on the Calculate PDI button and in a few seconds the price and PDI chart will be displayed on a new page.

The pattern of the prices and PDI values will help you to determine if a stock is on the upside or the downside.

Price Direction Indicator (PDI)
Quote Symbol:
Price Series Interval:    Daily    Weekly    Monthly  Quarterly    Annual
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All prices from Quandl are adjusted for splits and dividends. Calculator does not support mutual funds or indexes. PDI requires at least 90 days of Daily prices, 52 weeks of Weekly prices and 36 months of Monthly prices. Daily PDI values may load slowly for multiple years.

Read Introduction to the Price Direction Indicator to learn more about PDI.

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