Great Dividend Stocks (A-Z)

The 16 dividend-paying stocks presented here include stocks with both consistent multi-year dividend growth and steady price appreciation. Most of the stocks belong to the Dividend Achievers and Dividend Aristocrats, elite groups of stocks characterized by long periods of dividend increases.

16 Great Dividend Stocks (A-Z)

Stock Returns & Price Chart


Dividend (Yield) &

Recent Dividends

ABM IndustriesABM$0.74 (3.25%)
ADPADP$3.64 (2.83%)
Air ProductsAPD$5.36 (2.87%)
Atmos Energy CorporationATO$2.30 (2.44%)
Chubb CorporationCB$3.00 (2.92%)
CloroxCLX$4.24 (2.39%)
Commerce BancsharesCBSH$1.08 (2.21%)
Consolidated EdisonED$3.06 (3.93%)
Erie Indemnity CompanyERIE$3.86 (2.35%)
General MillsGIS$1.96 (3.46%)
H.B. Fuller CompanyFUL$0.64 (2.49%)
MedtronicMDT$2.16 (2.50%)
Northwest Natural Gas Company (NW Natural)NWN$1.91 (3.42%)
NucorNUE$1.61 (4.52%)
PPG IndustriesPPG$2.04 (2.54%)
RPM InternationalRPM$1.44 (2.53%)
Dividend data from Quandl as of Apr-05-2020.

16 Great Dividend Stocks (A-Z)

Stock Returns & Price Chart


Recent Prices &
Annualized Return

ABM IndustriesABM
Air ProductsAPD
Atmos Energy CorporationATO
Chubb CorporationCB
Commerce BancsharesCBSH
Consolidated EdisonED
Erie Indemnity CompanyERIE
General MillsGIS
H.B. Fuller CompanyFUL
Northwest Natural Gas Company (NW Natural)NWN
PPG IndustriesPPG
RPM InternationalRPM
Price chart data from Quandl as of most recent close.

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