Dividend Kings (A-Z) - 60 or More Consecutive Years of Dividend Increases

Here are 8 Dividend Kings presented in alphabetical order. Each stock has increased its annual dividend 60 or more consecutive years.

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8 Dividend Kings (A-Z) - 60 Years Dividend Increases

Name and Returns


Dividend (Yield) &

3MMMM$5.88 (3.77%)
American States WaterAWR$1.22 (1.55%)
Dover CorpDOV$1.96 (2.03%)
EmersonEMR$2.00 (3.22%)
Genuine PartsGPC$3.16 (3.63%)
Northwest Natural GasNWN$1.91 (3.42%)
Parker-HannifinPH$3.52 (1.92%)
Procter & Gamble PG$3.16 (2.65%)
Dividend data from Alpha Vantage as of Jul-01-2020.

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