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Savvy investors know that buying stocks on the upside is the way to make money. For lengthy upsides of several months to many years, the total return and annualized returns can be spectacular. That's why people buy stocks. And over 90 percent of upside buy and sell combinations make money for traders and short-term investors. Conversely, for an extended downside price series, most investors and traders lose money because 90 percent or more of the possible trades are unprofitable.

Use the Stock Return Calculator to compute the total return with dividends reinvested, annualized return plus a summary of winning (profitable) and losing (unprofitable) buy and sell combinations for any stock, index, exchange-traded fund or mutual fund listed at Yahoo! Finance. The calculator does not include fees, commissions, taxes and capital gains distributions in its return computations.

Simply enter any symbol recognized by Yahoo! Finance and select the price series and date information. Then click on the Calculate Returns button and the results will be displayed on a new page.

Stock Return Calculator
To avoid slow computations, use Weekly or Monthly prices for durations >= 10 years. 
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NOTE: ^DJI, ^DJT, ^DJU and ^PSE not supported.
All prices from Yahoo! Finance are adjusted for splits and dividends. The calculator does not check for invalid symbols, which will give erroneous results. Help

See Stock Value Calculator to display a chart of values for a one-time investment. Compare returns for different stocks.

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