High-Yield Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) (Sorted by Dividend Yield)

The following table includes 11 high-yield real estate investment trusts (REITs) sorted by dividend yield.

11 REITs (Sorted by Dividend Yield)

Name and Returns


Dividend (Yield) &
Growth Rate

Apollo Commercial Real Estate FinanceARI$1.40 (9.85%)
Pennymac Mortgage Investment TrustPMT$1.88 (9.56%)
Chimera Investment CorporationCIM$1.20 (9.41%)
New York Mortgage TrustNYMT$0.40 (9.11%)
Ellington Residential Mortgage REITEARN$1.12 (9.01%)
Western Asset Mortgage Capital CorpWMC$0.24 (7.52%)
MFA Mortgage InvestmentsMFA$0.30 (7.28%)
New Residential Investment CorpNRZ$0.80 (7.14%)
Uniti GroupUNIT$0.60 (5.44%)
Anworth MortgageANH$0.16 (5.11%)
New Senior Investment Group SNR$0.26 (4.09%)
Dividend data from Alpha Vantage as of Jun-02-2021.

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