Portfolio of Oil and Gas Drilling Stocks

Oil drillers drill for oil and natural gas on land and offshore. The amount of business activity for these companies depends on the price of oil and natural gas. As prices rise there is more business activity as new wells are drilled and existing wells are upgraded.

Most drillers are cyclical and their stock prices track the price of oil and natural gas.

Here is a table of 11 well-known drilling stocks.

11 Oil and Gas Drillers Stocks

Stock Returns & Price Chart


Recent Prices &
Annualized Return

Diamond Offshore DrillingDO
Ensco InternationalESV
Helmerich & PayneHP
Nabors IndustriesNBR
Noble NE
Patterson-UTI EnergyPTEN
Rowan CompaniesRDC
Seadrill Partners LLCSDLP
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