High-Yield Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) (A-Z)

The following table includes 34 high-yield master limited partnerships (MLPs) presented in alphabetical order.

34 MLPs (A-Z)

Name and Returns


Dividend (Yield) &
Growth Rate

AllianceBernstein Holding L.P.AB$3.24 (7.26%)
Blackstone Group L.P.BX$2.80 (2.43%)
Brookfield Renewable Energy Partners LP BEP$2.68 (6.68%)
Capital Product Partners L.P.CPLP$0.40 (3.14%)
Crestwood Equity Partners LPCEQP$2.50 (8.38%)
Crossamerica Partners LPCAPL$2.10 (10.24%)
DCP Midstream, LPDCP$1.56 (5.52%)
Delek Logistics Partners LPDKL$3.68 (9.39%)
Dorchester Minerals, L.P.DMLP$1.92 (11.60%)
Enterprise Products Partners L.P.EPD$1.80 (7.87%)
Enviva Partners, LPEVA$3.14 (6.36%)
GasLog Partners LPGLOP$0.04 (1.30%)
Genesis Energy L.P.GEL$0.60 (5.83%)
Global Partners L.P.GLP$2.30 (9.26%)
Green Plains Partners LPGPP$0.48 (3.97%)
Hoegh LNG Partners LPHMLP$1.76 (10.61%)
Holly Energy Partners L.P.HEP$1.40 (6.80%)
Icahn Enterprises L.P.IEP$8.00 (14.19%)
KNOT Offshore Partners LPKNOP$2.08 (10.99%)
Landmark Infrastructure Partners LPLMRK$0.80 (6.30%)
MPLX LPMPLX$2.75 (9.72%)
NGL Energy Partners L.P.NGL$N/A (N/A)
NuStar Energy L.P.NS$1.60 (8.79%)
OCI Resources LPCINR$N/A (N/A)
PBF Logistics LPPBFX$1.20 (7.92%)
Plains GP Holdings LPPAGP$0.72 (6.82%)
Sprague Resources LPSRLP$2.67 (11.02%)
Suburban Propane L.P.SPH$1.20 (8.05%)
Sunoco LPSUN$3.30 (9.30%)
TC Pipelines L.P.TCP$2.60 (8.59%)
Usa Compression Partners LPUSAC$2.10 (13.27%)
Viper Energy Partners LPVNOM$1.00 (5.48%)
Western Gas Partners L.P.WES$1.28 (6.22%)
Westlake Chemical Partners LPWLKP$1.89 (7.07%)
Dividend data from Alpha Vantage as of Aug-01-2021.

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Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs) (A-Z)