Database of Lithium Stocks Traded on Canadian and U.S. Stock Exchanges

Increased demand for hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and consumer electronic products (laptop computers, cameras, cellular phones, PDAs and iPods) that use lithium components should cause lithium miners, processors and battery manufacturers to prosper.

The following table includes 38 lithium stocks and one lithium exchange-traded fund (ETF) that trade on Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges.

These stocks are volatile so check out their price charts.

39 Lithium Stocks Traded on Canadian and U.S. Stock Exchanges

& Monthly Returns

& Snapshot

Recent Prices
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92 Resources Corp.NTY.V
Advantage LithiumAAL.V
Alset EnergyION.V
Altura Mining LimitedALTAF
American Lithium Corp.LI.V
Argentina Lithium & EnergyLIT.V
Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.PNXLF
Bacanora Minerals Ltd.BCN.V
Bearing Resources Ltd.BRZ.V
Belmont ResourcesBEA.V
Chemical & Mining Co. of ChileSQM
China BAK BatteryCBAK
FMC Corporation FMC
Galaxy Resources LimitedGALXF
Global X Lithium ETFLIT
Iconic MineralsICM.V
International LithiumILC.V
International Lithium Corp.ILHMF
K92 MiningKNT.V
Liberty One LithiumLRTTF
LiCo Energy MetalsLIC.V
LiCo Energy MetalsWCTXF
Lithium AmericasLACDF
Lithium AmericasLAC.TO
Lithium X EnergyLIX.V
Livent CorporationLTHM
Neo Lithium Corp.NLC.V
Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp.NVSGF
Orocobre LimitedOROCF
Pure Energy Minerals LimitedPEMIF
Pure Energy Minerals LimitedPE.V
Rock Tech LithiumRCK.V
Sienna ResourcesSIE.V
Standard Lithium Ltd.SLI
Stria LithiumSRA.V
Ultra LithiumULTXF
Sparkline weekly price charts based on Alpha Vantage data.

39 Lithium Stocks Traded on Canadian and U.S. Stock Exchanges

& Last 100 Days Returns


Last Close
& 100-Day Trendline Chart

92 Resources Corp.NTY.V 0.11
Advantage LithiumAAL.V 0.27
Alset EnergyION.V 0.18
Altura Mining LimitedALTAF$0.02
American Lithium Corp.LI.V 2.08
Argentina Lithium & EnergyLIT.V 0.25
Argentina Lithium & Energy Corp.PNXLF$0.18
Bacanora Minerals Ltd.BCN.V 1.40
Bearing Resources Ltd.BRZ.V 0.31
Belmont ResourcesBEA.V 0.05
Chemical & Mining Co. of ChileSQM$95.33
China BAK BatteryCBAK$1.21
ElectrovayaEFL.TO 0.94
FMC Corporation FMC$108.38
Galaxy Resources LimitedGALXF$3.57
Global X Lithium ETFLIT$69.25
Iconic MineralsICM.V 0.09
International LithiumILC.V 0.07
International Lithium Corp.ILHMF$0.05
K92 MiningKNT.V 7.99
Liberty One LithiumLRTTF$0.40
LiCo Energy MetalsLIC.V 0.09
LiCo Energy MetalsWCTXF$0.05
Lithium AmericasLACDF$7.37
Lithium AmericasLAC.TO 37.85
Lithium X EnergyLIX.V 2.57
Livent CorporationLTHM$32.17
Neo Lithium Corp.NLC.V 6.50
Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp.NVSGF$0.22
Orocobre LimitedOROCF$9.41
Pure Energy Minerals LimitedPEMIF$0.43
Pure Energy Minerals LimitedPE.V 0.58
Rock Tech LithiumRCK.V 2.45
Sienna ResourcesSIE.V 0.06
Standard Lithium Ltd.SLI$4.43
Stria LithiumSRA.V 0.22
Ultra LithiumULTXF$0.08

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