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Portfolio of For-Profit Education Stocks

The following table lists 9 stocks that offer educational programs.

For-Profit Education Stocks
Price Quote & Dividend
1-Yr Price Chart
American Public Education
Bridgepoint Education
Capella Education
Career Education Corp.
Graham Holdings Company
Grand Canyon Education
Strayer Education
TAL Education Group
Price and dividend data from Quandl.

To inspect the performance of the For-Profit Education Stocks portfolio, see the returns table and chart below. Portfolio values are computed using monthly closes for from Quandl.

The 6 included in the portfolio computations are: APEI, CPLA, CECO, GHC, LRN and STRA. The current value of the portfolio assumes that $1,666.67 was invested (total of $10,000) in each at its closing weekly price for the current date in 2008. The 3 excluded from the portfolio computations because of insufficient price data are: BPI, LOPE and TAL.

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