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Database of Marijuana (Cannabis) Stocks

Here is a table of 77 marijuana stocks.

Marijuana Stocks
Price, Return and Dividend Charts
Price Quote & Dividend
1-Yr Price Chart
22nd Century Group
Plant biotechnology company focused on nicotine in tobacco plants and cannabinoids in cannabis plants 
Abattis Bioceuticals
Medical cannabis
Cannabinoid-based products
Aero Grow Int
Indoor gardening systems
Affinor Growers
Vertical growing systems 
Agritek Holdings
Wellness products and land rental
American Cannabis Company
Consulting and products
American Green
Vending system 
Facilities for growing medical marijuana
Grows and sells medical marijuana (dry cannabis and oil products)
Arena Pharmaceuticals
Cannabinoid-based pain treatment
Arrow Electronics
LED lighting systems
Aurora Cannabis
Grows and sells medical marijuana (dry cannabis and oil products)
Axim Biotechnologies
CanChew cannabidiol (CBD) chewing gum
Bud Genius
Cannabis testing laboratory
Calyx Bio-Ventures
 MMPR software solutions
Canabo Medical
Owns and operates CMClinics
Cannabics Pharmaceuticals
Medical cannabinoid formulations for cancer
Cannabis Sativa
Cannabis and hemp products
Cannabis Science
Medical cannabinoid formulations 
Cannabix Technologies
Cannabix Marijuana Breathalyzer
CannaGrow Holdings
Cannabinoid research and discovery
Cannabis cloud-based analytics and testing
Canopy Growth
Grows and sells medical marijuana (dry cannabis and oil products) in Canada
Cara Therapeutics
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - develop
Corbus Pharmaceuticals Holdings
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - develop
LED lighting systems
Cronos Group
Owns cannabis companies that grow and sell medical marijuana (dry cannabis and oil products)
CV Sciences
Cannabinoid based medicine and products
Easton Pharmaceuticals
Medical marijuana, vaporizer and e-liquids
Eco Science Solutions
Eco technology health, wellness and alternative medicines business
FutureWorld Corp.
Cannabis technology incubator & accelerator
GB Sciences
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - develop
General Cannabis
Cultivation, production and retail
Green Cures & Botanical Distribution
Develops, produces & distributes  hemp based products
GreenGro Technologies
Aquaponic and hydroponic systems and grow rooms
Grow Solutions Holdings
Indoor high-yield agriculture
GW Pharmaceuticals
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - develop
Hemp grower
Hemp Products
ICC International Cannabis
Grows and sells cannabis, cannabinoid extracts and industrial hemp
Inmed Pharmaceuticals
Development of cannabinoid therapeutics
Innovative Properties
INSYS Therapeutics
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - develop
Invictus MD Strategies Corp.
Cannabis grower in Canada
Lexaria Bioscience
Orally ingested cannabinoids
Maple Leaf Green World
Medical marijuana grower
Marapharm Ventures
Grows and sells marijuana products
Marijuana Company Of America
Cannabis marketing and distribution
Information and products
Cannabis cultivation construction company
Medical Marijuana
Medical cannabis
Mentor Capital
Incubate private cannabis companies
Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd.
Industrial hemp and cannabinoid (CBD) compounds
NEMUS Bioscience
Developing and commercializing cannabinoids
New Colombia Resources
Metallurgical coal companywith medical marijuana assets
Novus Acquisition & Development
Health plan that includes Medical Marijuana (Cannabis), CBD (Cannabidiol) and Hemp
OrganiGram Holdings
Grows and sells medical marijuana (dry cannabis and oil products)
OWC Pharmaceutical Research
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - develop
PharmaCyte Biotech
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - deliver
Pineapple Express
Business consulting
Real Brands
Brand building
Rocky Mountain High Brands
Hemp-infused food and beverage products
Scotts Miracle-Gro
Plant fertilizer
Holding company that aquires small to mid-sized companies
Solis Tek
Digital lighting equipment for hydroponic cannabis cultivation
Hemp products
Supreme Pharmaceuticals
Grows and sells medical marijuana in Canada
Water-cooled climate control platform
Terra Tech Corp.
Grows medical cannabis and farm products
THC Biomed
Ships live cannabis plants to authorized patients 
Trailblazer Resources
Holding company seeking to identify and acquirie suitable businesses 
UA Multimedia
Indoor grow stations and LED lights
United Cannabis
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - develop
Vitality Biopharma
Cannabinoid prodrug pharmaceuticals
Zynerba Pharmaceuticals
Cannabinoid (CBD) medicines - develop
Price and dividend data from Quandl.

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