Target Nest Egg Calculator - Compute Investment Amount Needed to Accumulate a Pile of Money

The Target Nest Egg Calculator shows you how much you would need to invest weekly, monthly or once a year to achieve your investment goal.

Here is a simple example. Suppose that you want to have a two million dollars (Investment Goal:) in 20 years. Assume an annual rate of return of six percent. You would reach your goal by investing: $995.63 each week; $4,328.62 each month or a $54,369.11 once each year for 20 years. Investing at the weekly interval lets you reach your target with the fewest dollars invested.

If you have 40 years to accumulate your money, you would need to invest much less: $230.59 each week; $1,004.27 each month or $12,923.07 once a year would get you there.

Target Nest Egg Calculator
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