High-Yield Stocks (A-Z)

Here is a table of 21 stocks with dividend yields greater than five percent. The stocks are listed in alphabetical order.

21 High Yield Stocks (A-Z)

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Dividend (Yield) &

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Growth Rate

AmeriGas Partners L.P.APU$3.80 (12.79%)
Annaly CapitalNLY$1.20 (12.07%)
Anworth Mortgage Asset CorporationANH$0.52 (11.90%)
Apollo Investment CorporationAINV$1.80 (12.63%)
Arbor Realty TrustABR$0.60 (5.30%)
Ares CapitalARCC$1.56 (9.58%)
Chimera Investment CorporationCIM$2.00 (10.92%)
Dynex CapitalDX$0.72 (11.54%)
Goldman Sachs BDCGSBD$1.80 (8.90%)
Golub Capital BDCGBDC$1.76 (10.19%)
Hercules Technology Growth CapitalHTGC$1.32 (10.84%)
Holly Energy Partners L.P.HEP$2.66 (8.95%)
Hospitality Properties TrustHPT$2.12 (8.18%)
MFA FinancialMFA$0.80 (11.35%)
New York Mortgage TrustNYMT$0.80 (12.94%)
NuStar Energy L.P.NS$2.40 (9.60%)
PennantPark InvestmentPNNT$0.72 (10.32%)
PennyMac Mortgage Investment TrustPMT$1.88 (9.69%)
Ship Finance InternationalSFL$1.40 (12.26%)
Suburban Propane L.P.SPH$2.40 (11.16%)
TPG Specialty LendingTSLX$1.56 (8.06%)
Dividend data from Quandl as of Jan-12-2019.

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