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Exponential Growth Calculator

The Exponential Growth Calculator evaluates the following continuous exponential growth function:


A(t) is the quantity at time t.

A0 is the initial quantity.

r is the exponential growth rate for each t time interval and r is > 0.

t is the total number of elapsed time intervals.

Maximum t through Chart Width (light gray/light yellow) are parameters for the chart of A(t) values.

The results are displayed as a chart and a table of quantities on a new page.

Exponential Growth Calculator
Enter data for three of the first four fields. The calculator solves the fourth.
Initial Quantity
Final Quantity (Must be >Initial Quantity)
Exponential Growth Rate (ex: enter 5 for 5%):
Elapsed Time:
Maximum t:
Increment t Value:
Chart Height (pixels):
Chart Width (pixels):
Enter only numbers and decimal points in fields.

Computational Notes:

Initial Quantity calculation is:

Final Quantity calculation is:

Exponential Decay Rate calculation is:

Elapsed Time calculation is:

Half-life calculation is:

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