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Dividend Accumulation Calculator: Portfolio Value Version - See How Rapidly Dividends Add Up

This version of the Dividend Accumulation Calculator computes how many years it takes to accumulate a specified dollar amount of dividends given an initial portfolio dollar value and dividend yield for the entire portfolio.

Simply enter the total dollars in dividends that you want to accumulate, the starting portfolio value, the dividend yield and the percentage growth rate of dividend yield. Don't enter any values in the green output fields.

Use the Dividend Growth Rate Calculator to help to determine the growth of the dividend yield.

Form Input

On the calculator form, enter only numbers (with or without decimal points). Do not enter currency symbols like dollar signs, commas or percent signs.

Dividend Accumulation Calculator
Dividend Goal:
Initial Portfolio Value:
Average Dividend Yield:
Annual Dividend Yield Growth Rate:
Number Years to Meet Dividend Goal
Total Dividends Paid

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