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Annualized Total Return Calculator

The Annualized Total Return Calculator computes the annualized total return of an investment held for a specified number of years using annual rates of return.

Annualized Total Return Calculator
Number Years Held:
Year 1 Return:
Year 2 Return:
Year 3 Return:
Year 4 Return:
Year 5 Return:
Annualized Total Return (%)
  Do not enter % in any field.

The default settings are for an investment held four years. The Year1 Return: through Year 4 Return: values are the annual returns for the investment. The Year 5 Return: is 0 to because the investment was held only four years.

Enter the annual percent return for each year up to a maximum of five years. Enter a 0 for the return of any year less than 5.

Annualized Total Return = ((((1 + Year 1 Return / 100) * (1 + Year 2 Return / 100) ....* (1 + Year n Return / 100)) ^ (1 / Number Years Held)) - 1) * 100

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