Values of User-Selected Sample Portfolios (A-Z): Discover the Most and Least Profitable Sample Portfolios

Here is a table of values of user-selected sample portfolios from buyupside for the last two to three days. Portfolio values assume a $10,000 initial investment.

Most portfolio values result from backtesting using five years of monthly price data from Alpha Vantage.

The table below shows the portfolio values in alphabetical order by portfolio name.

The table is updated in real time so you can check it frequently.

512 Sample Portfolios


Portfolio Value

3D Printer Stocks$36,084
5G Networking Stocks$26,169
5G Semiconductor Chip Stocks$28,402
5G Stocks$20,399
5G Vendor Stocks$17,513
ADAS Stocks$46,953
AI Chip Stocks$57,476
AI Stocks $48,626
AIaaS Stocks $56,446
Accident and Health Insurance Stocks$15,229
Advertising Agencies Stocks$14,030
Aerospace Stocks$20,619
Agribusiness Stocks$18,494
Air Delivery and Freight Stocks$21,207
Air Services Stocks$13,212
Aircraft Leasing Stocks$15,676
Airline Stocks$10,034
Airport Security Stocks$25,130
Alcoholic Drink Beverage Stocks$17,754
All Shipping Stocks$14,206
Aluminum Stocks$22,032
Apparel Stocks$15,843
Apparel Store Stocks$20,115
Application Performance Monitoring Stocks$30,725
Application Software Stocks$32,099
Argentine ADRs$15,800
Asset Management MLPs$35,975
Asset Management Stocks$26,247
Auction Stocks$15,258
Auto Dealership Stocks$25,533
Auto Manufacturer Stocks$25,401
Auto Parts Stocks$19,256
Auto Parts Stores Stocks$16,966
Auto Pilot Stocks$20,226
Auto Supplier Stocks$14,869
Auto Website Stocks$19,645
BDC Stocks$19,251
Bakken Shale Oil and Gas Stocks$8,012
Battery Stocks$218,774
Beauty and Salon Stocks$13,404
Bedrock Stocks$30,519
Beer Stocks$15,351
Best Performing Stocks: All Time$13,754
Big Data Stocks$22,308
Big Four U.S. Money Center Bank Stocks$21,245
Big Pharma and Biotech Cancer Immunotherapy Stocks$13,199
Biofuel Stocks$26,062
Biometrics Stocks$5,058
Biotech Stocks: First Portfolio$16,538
Biotech Stocks: Second Portfolio$21,422
Bitcoin Stocks$204,084
Bitcoin and Blockchain Stocks$3,136
Boating Stocks$34,234
Book Publishing Stocks$10,967
Boutique Investment Bank Stocks$32,921
Building Materials Stocks$24,345
Business Equipment Stocks$11,635
Business Services Stocks$18,782
Business Software Stocks$33,476
Buy and Hold Stocks$15,799
CRM Stocks$34,082
Cable TV Stocks$15,184
Camera Stocks$16,291
Canadian Stocks$15,835
Cancer Immunotherapy Stocks$8,955
Cannabis Pharma Stocks$22,022
Cannabis Pharma Stocks - OTC Markets$12,294
Capital Markets and Financial Exchanges Stocks$33,309
Car Rental Stocks$22,535
Carbon Fiber Stocks$13,027
Casino Stocks$23,744
Casino and Gaming Stocks$27,959
Casual Dining Restaurant Stocks$15,905
Cell Tower REITs$26,857
Cement Stocks$16,157
Cement-Concrete-Aggregates Stocks$16,038
Checkpoint Inhibitor Stocks$15,580
Chemical Stocks$23,114
Children and Baby Apparel Stocks$11,432
Chinese Dividend-Paying Stocks$8,224
Chinese Education and Remote Learning Stocks$12,198
Chinese Electric Auto Manufacturer Stocks$62,687*
Chinese Internet Stocks$15,946
Chinese Stocks$11,929
Class A Mall REITs$4,842
Class B Mall REITs$725
Clean Energy ETFs$38,111
Cloud Computing Stocks (A-Z)$49,747
Cloud Computing Stocks (A-Z) - II$40,592
Cloud Kings Stocks$41,263
Cloud Security Stocks$31,427
Cloud Storage Stocks$34,476
Coal Stocks$6,973
Coffee Stocks$12,183
Communications Equipment Stocks$25,302
Communications Services Stocks$14,794
Computer Hardware Stocks$23,093
Computer Software Stocks$44,743
Concrete Stocks$14,649
Confectioners Stocks$14,252
Connected Car Stocks$45,701
Conscience Capitalism Stocks$63,635
Construction and Engineering Stocks$19,272
Consulting Stocks$24,572
Consumer Discretionary Stocks$27,536
Consumer Discretionary Stocks - II$19,523
Consumer Electronics Stocks$29,442
Consumer Packaged Goods Stocks$14,274
Consumer Staples Stocks$14,659
Container Shipping Stocks$19,071
Content Provider Stocks$20,170
Copper Mining Stocks$28,430
Core Stocks$24,621
Coronavirus Treatment and Vaccine Stocks$14,172
Coronavirus Vaccine Stocks$20,381*
Coronavirus Virus Lockdown Stocks$20,471*
Cosmetics Stocks$12,790
Credit Card Stocks$24,826
Credit Services Stocks$25,665
Cruise Line Stocks$7,500
Cybersecurity Stocks$28,621
Dairy Products Stocks$16,033
Data Center Stocks$19,686
Data Storage Stocks$28,370
Dating Stocks$24,086
Defense Stocks$17,427
Dental Stocks$21,744
Department Store Stocks$16,836
Dermatology Stocks$9,084
Diabetes Stocks$27,907
Diagnostic Products Stocks$31,782
Diet (Weight Loss) Stocks$35,128
Digital Health Care Stocks$30,884*
Discount Brokerage Stocks$18,727
Discount Coupons Stocks$3,818
Discount Stores Stocks$25,190
Diversified Electronics Stocks$21,419
Diversified Food Stocks$14,641
Diversified Industrials Stocks$26,513
Diversified Investments Stocks$26,399
Diversified Machinery Stocks$35,039
Diversified REITs$11,792
Diversified Utilities Stocks$13,214
Dividend Achievers REITs$11,355
Dividend Giants$18,987
Dividend Stocks Stocks for Millenials$12,569
Dividend-Paying Electric Utilities Stocks$15,680
Dividend-Paying Gold Stocks$12,943
Dividend-Paying Lithium Stocks$23,989
Dividend-Paying Natural Gas Utilities Stocks$12,665
Dividend-Paying Pharmaceutical Stocks$18,858
Dividend-Paying Printed Circuit Board Stocks$24,329
Dividend-Paying Pure Play Renewable Energy Stocks$26,810
Dividend-Paying Restaurant Stocks$17,882
Dividend-Paying Retail Stocks$20,126
Dividend-Paying Stocks$14,193
Dividend-Paying Technology Stocks$34,009
Dividend-Paying Water Utilities Stocks$19,211
Dollar Store Stocks$24,780
Downstream MLPs$16,687
Drone Stocks$12,389*
Drug Related Stocks$11,870
Drug Store Stocks$4,603
Dry Bulk Shipping Stocks$17,358
E-commerce Stocks$29,514
ESG Stocks$38,054
Eagle Ford Shale Oil and Gas Stocks$8,744
Electric Car Stocks$51,108*
Electric Utilities With Nuclear Plants Stocks$14,499
Electric Vehicle Charging Station Stocks$56,320*
Electric Vehicle Charging Stocks$53,764*
Electric Vehicle ETFs$22,261*
Electric Vehicle Stocks$46,310*
Electronic Components Stocks$29,758
Electronic Payments Stocks$61,909
Electronics Stores Stocks$46,401
Energy Drink Stocks$12,944
Entertainment Stocks$14,277
Ethanol Stocks$19,889
European Auto Manufacturer Stocks$17,936
FAAMG Stocks$44,230
FAANG Stocks$44,662
FANG Stocks$41,756
FIRE Stocks$21,681
Fab Five Stocks$56,397
Farm-Mining-Construction Equipment Stocks$26,883
Fast Casual Restaurant Stocks$16,771
Fertilizer Stocks$17,913
Fiber Laser Stocks$28,267
Fiber Optic Stocks$17,704
Financial Exchange Stocks$27,867
Financial News and Information Stocks$31,485
Fintech Stocks$58,304
Fitness Centers Stocks$21,077
Fitnesss Equipment Stocks$7,670
Food Delivery Stocks$1,238*
Food Distributors Stocks$12,148
Food and Beverage Stocks$12,633
For-Profit Education and Remote Learning Stocks$29,049
Foreign Airline Stocks$8,542
Forestry-Paper-Wood Products Stocks$16,802
Forestry-Paper-Wood Products Stocks ex-Weyerhaeuser Company$15,994
Frac Sand Stocks$3,305
Fracking Stocks$5,617
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae Stocks$6,431
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Stocks$79,054
GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) Stocks$99,636
Gaming REITs$14,950*
Gender Equality Stocks$33,239
General Contractor Stocks$24,755
Generic Drug Stocks$3,022
Genetic Testing Stocks$39,657
Genomics Stocks$28,726
Geothermal Stocks$15,895
Global Industrial Stocks$22,674
Gold ETFs$13,271
Gold Mining Stocks$13,741
Gold and Silver Mining Stocks$10,667
Gold and Silver Royalty Stocks$37,997
Golf Stocks$29,922
Graphene Stocks$86,154
Graphite Stocks Traded on U.S. Exchanges$72,054
Grocery Store Stocks$12,277
HCM Stocks$38,208
HMO Stocks$27,098
HVAC Stocks$21,131
Handbags and Accessories$10,549
Health Care Equipment Stocks$18,917
Health Care Information Services Stocks$25,236
Health Care Plans Stocks$26,731
Health Care REITs$12,594
Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) Stocks$21,301
Heavy Construction Stocks$20,201
High-Debt Appalachian Fracked Gas Producers$4,915
High-End Retailer Stocks$10,944
High-Yield Blue-Chip Stocks$12,271
High-Yield Freestanding and Industrial REITs$17,304
High-Yield Healthcare REITs$12,147
High-Yield Lumber and Wood Products Stocks$22,537
Hispanic Stocks$23,901
Home Building Stocks$27,009
Home Furniching Stores Stocks$49,138
Home Furniture Stocks$16,973
Home Goods Stocks$18,814
Home Health and Hospice Care Stocks$42,863
Home Improvement Stores Stocks$24,175
Home and Office Furniture Stocks$14,368
Hospital Stocks$22,858
Hotel Stocks$23,390
Hotel and Motel REITs$8,867
Human Spaceflight Stocks$13,359*
Hydroelectric Power Stocks$14,022
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles (HFCVs) Stocks$64,773
Impact Investing Stocks$15,466
Indian Stocks (ADRs)$21,810
Industrial Distribution Stocks$26,338
Industrial Electrical Equipment Stocks$17,370
Industrial Equipment Stocks$18,165
Industrial REITs$23,380
Information Technology Stocks$30,727
Information and Delivery Services Stocks$21,375
Infrastructure Stocks$20,630
Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Stocks$25,824
Insurance Brokers Stocks$32,276
Insurance Stocks$17,320
Integrated Oil and Gas Stocks$9,822
Internet Information Provider Stocks$24,702
Internet Software and Services Stocks$20,994
Internet Stocks$32,537
Internet Travel Stocks$14,760
Internet of Industrial Things Stocks$26,148
Internet of Things Stocks$19,810
Iron Ore Mining Stocks$41,626
Jewelry Stores Stocks$15,681
Just Companies Stocks$43,131
Kidney Dialysis Stocks$12,393
LNG/LPG Carrier Stocks$6,661
Large Biotech Stocks$15,544
Large Canadian Energy Stocks$11,783
Large Food Stocks$12,420
Large U.S. Dividend-Paying Conglomerates$18,470
Leisure Stocks$30,198
Lidar Stocks$12,557*
Life Insurance Stocks$20,054
Life Science REIT$20,562
Life Sciences Tools and Services Stocks$31,749
Light Emitting Diode (LED) Stocks$21,962
Lithium Stocks$20,066
Lithium Stocks Traded on Three Markets$15,496
Long-Term Care Facilities Stocks$11,812
Long-term Buy-and-Hold Stocks$13,985
Low Volatility Dividend Aristocrats$17,365
Lumber and Wood Products Stocks$25,259
Luxury Goods Stocks$38,272
Macau CasinoStocks$10,945
Machine Tool Stocks$18,801
Managed Health Care Stocks$26,731
Management Services and Consulting Stocks$21,169
Manganese Stocks Traded on U.S. Stock Exchanges$129,558
Marcellus Shale Gas Stocks$7,039
Marijuana Grower Stocks$47,573
Marijuana Grower Stocks - OTC Markets$8,232
Marijuana Stocks$20,789
Marijuana Stocks - OTC Markets$7,271
Marketing Services Stocks$7,056
Materials Stocks$19,726
Meat Products Stocks$10,036
Media Stocks$13,992
Medical Device Stocks$107,263
Medical Diagnostic Stocks$29,667
Medical Equipment Stocks$26,937
Medical Imaging Stocks$25,214
Medical Instruments and Supplies Stocks$41,499
Medical Laboratory and Research Stocks$32,357
Medical Software Stocks$40,554
Meme Stocks$68,730*
Metal Fabrication Stocks$22,068
Metal Mining Stocks$30,087
Mexican Food Restaurant Stocks$18,298
Mexican Gold Mining Stocks - NYSE$6,886
Mexican Silver Mining Stocks - NYSE$7,177
Micro-electromechanical System (MEMS) Stocks$26,495
Micro-electromechanical System (MEMS) Stocks - OTC Markets$14,945
Mid-Atlantic Regional Bank Stocks$15,816
Midstream MLPs$6,564
Midstream Oil and Gas Stocks$12,467
Midwest Regional Bank Stocks$14,047
Millennials Buy and Hold Stocks$28,135
Millennials Favorite Stocks$55,201
Millennials Retirement Stocks$21,231
Miscellaneous MLPs$19,815
Mobil Handset Maker Stocks$34,899
Mobile Games Stocks$25,997
Money Center Bank Stocks$20,261
Mortgage Investment Stocks$13,141
Movie Theater Stocks$8,990
Multifamily REITs$21,768
Multilevel Marketing Stocks$25,635
Multimedia and Graphics Software Stocks$25,919
NASCAR Track Stocks$13,552
National Security Space$21,907
Natural Gas Compression Services$11,608
Natural Gas Liquefied Stocks$12,570
Natural Gas Pipelines MLPs$11,704
Natural and Organic Foods Stocks$25,501
Networking and Communication Devices Stocks$22,931
New York City REITs$6,935
Northeast Regional Bank Stocks$14,484
Nutritional Supplements Stocks$13,735
OTC Lithium Stocks$8,404
OTC Lithium Stocks - II$22,597*
Off-Price Stores Stocks$27,280
Office Furniture Stocks$10,888
Office REITs$12,344
Office Supplies Stocks$14,692
Oil Refinery MLPs$14,472
Oil Refinery Stocks$13,043
Oil Service Stocks$3,904
Oil Tanker Stocks$8,703
Oil Tanker and LNG/LPG Carrier Stocks$8,488
Oil Tanker and LNG/LPG Carrier Stocks - II$5,532
Oil and Gas Drillers Stocks$4,313
Oil and Gas Pipeline Stocks$9,780
One-Letter Ticker Symbol Stocks$18,184
Online Game Stocks$25,608
Outdoor Advertising Stocks$12,402
PGMs Mining Stocks$8,493
Pacific Regional Bank Stocks$15,280
Packaged Food Stocks$10,139
Packaging and Container Stocks$16,376
Paint and Coatings Stocks$20,014
Payday Loan and Pawn Store Stocks$11,416
Periodicals Publishing Stocks$18,770
Permian Basin Oil and Gas Stocks$7,511
Personal Products Stocks$13,015
Pet and Animal Stocks$61,402
Pharmacy Benefit Management Stocks$13,516
Plant-Based Food Stocks$13,635*
Pollution Control Stocks$17,052
Popular ADRs$19,390
Popular Millennials Stocks$54,297
Popular Stocks$67,121
Portfolio of Gene Editing (CRISPR) Stocks$45,579*
Portfolio of Warren Buffett's Top Holdings$25,057
Poultry Producers Stocks$14,305
Printed Circuit Board Stocks$17,443
Private Equity Stocks$41,422
Private Prison Stocks$4,564
Processed Food Stocks$10,189
Professional Sports Stocks$22,429
Propane and Heating Oil MLPs$8,919
Property and Casualty Insurance Stocks$20,165
Pulp and Paper Stocks$14,521
Quantum Computing Stocks$26,213
Quick Service Restaurant Stocks$22,083
RFID Stocks$54,025
Radio Stocks$6,816
Railroad Stocks$28,200
Rare Earth Elements Stocks that Trade on U.S. Stock Exchanges$178,780
Real Estate Services Stocks$6,124
Real Estate Software Stocks$50,145
Recreational Vehicles Stocks$27,375
Regional Bank Stocks$18,876
Regional Mall and Shopping Center REITs$7,192
Reinsurance Stocks$11,717
Remote Learning Stocks$10,882*
Residential REITs$17,112
Residential and Commercial Mortgage REITs$12,867
Retail REITs$7,697
Retirement Dividend ETFs$22,305
Retirement Dividend Stocks$21,563
Robinhood Stocks$58,605
Robotic Process Automation Stocks$25,033
SPAC Stocks$20,573*
Satellite Stocks$13,994
Savings and Loan Stocks$12,927
Scientific and Technical Instruments Stocks$25,515
Select Retirement Dividend Stocks$16,562
Semiconductor Equipment Stocks$52,566
Semiconductor Memory Chip Stocks$36,981
Semiconductor Stocks$55,043
Semiconductors Integrated Circuit Stocks$52,267
Senior Living Stocks$8,626
Sensor Stocks$25,390
Ship Building Stocks Traded on U.S. Stock Exchanges$29,508
Shipping MLP Stocks$8,185
Shipping MLPs$7,817
Shoe Stocks$38,685
Silver Mining Stocks$9,991
Simulation Software Stocks$41,382
Ski Resorts Stocks$24,033
Small Tools Stocks$23,925
Snack Food Stocks$15,651
Social Media$18,184*
Socially Responsible Dividend-Paying Stocks$21,250
Socially Responsible Stocks$20,657
Soft Drink Beverage Stocks$17,619
Software as a Service (SaaS) Stocks$61,155
Solar Energy Stocks and ETF$145,074
Southeast Regional Bank Stocks$14,751
Southwest Regional Bank Stocks$20,434
Specialized Health Care Stocks$9,984
Specialized Semiconductor Stocks$54,003
Specialty Pharmaceutical Stocks$3,986
Specialty REITs$16,198
Specialty Retailer Stocks$30,739
Sporting Activities Stocks$21,007
Sporting Goods Store Stocks$25,878
Starter Stocks$18,475
Steel Stocks$14,798
Stem Cell Stocks$31,370
Storage REITs$22,129
Storage and Organization Stocks$19,903
Streaming Device Stocks$39,758*
Streaming Stocks$34,641
Student Housing REITs$11,468
Super Regional Bank Stocks$19,394
Supercomputer Stocks$12,237
Surety and Title Insurance Stocks$19,452
Surgical Robotics Stocks$15,882
Sustainable Investing Stocks$19,377
Synthetic Biology Stocks$20,343
TV Broadcasting Stocks$13,894
Technical and System Software Stocks$29,375
Technology Growth Stocks$39,867
Technology REITs$23,893
Teen Apparel Store Stocks$21,495
Telecommunications Stocks$12,990
Telemedicine Stock$85,120
Texas Bank Stocks$19,664
Three-Wheel Electric Vehicle Stocks$33,323*
Tidal and Wave Energy Stocks$107
Tier II Gold Mining Stocks$6,937
Timber REITs$14,746
Timeshare Stocks$19,666
Tire Stocks$9,605
Toy Stocks$7,488
Transportation Stocks$18,207
Triple-Net REITs$15,088
Trucking Stocks$31,041
U.S. Auto Manufacturer Stocks$60,377
U.S. Education and Remote Learning Stocks$36,333
U.S. Yieldco Stocks$31,411
Upstream MLPs$2,477
Upstream Oil and Gas Stocks$7,649
Uranium Mining Stocks$23,949
Utica Shale Gas and Gas Stocks$7,840
Utilities that Generate Power with Renewable Energy Sources$19,262
Vaccine Stocks$11,589
Video Game Stocks$83,943
Video Surveillance Stocks$28,075
Virtual Reality Stocks$41,097
Vitamin and Supplement Stocks$15,526
WANG Stocks$43,115
WATCH Stocks$33,920
Waste Management Stocks$24,634
Watch Maker Stocks$10,685
Water Resources Stocks$20,945
Wearable Technology Stocks$22,480
Wholesale Auto Supplier Stocks$20,030
Wholesale Building Materials Stocks$33,166
Wholesale Drug Stocks$11,690
Wholesale Electronics Stocks$17,076
Wholesale Food Stocks$10,744
Wholesale Industrial Equipment Stocks$19,858
Wholesale Medical Equipment Stocks$11,164
Widely-Held Stocks$32,323
Wind Energy Stocks and ETF$19,852
Wine Stocks$18,790
Wireless Communications Stocks$14,046
Wood Pellets Stocks$36,743
Work From Home Stocks$21,412*
An * with the Portfolio Value indicates the number of years of backtesting was less the five.