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I, Richard A. Howard, write the content for My wife designed the site.

I am a retired college professor and technical writer. I taught computer programming, statistics and technical writing at Clark University in Worcester, MA and then worked for Digital Equipment Corporation as a software writer. I have degrees from Iowa State University (B.S.), University of California at Berkeley (M.S.) and University of Massachusetts at Amherst (PhD). My primary areas of study were wood technology and forest management.

I began stock investing in 1978 and was an active trader from 1993 through 1999, when I earned my living trading stocks. Now I manage my stock portfolio (mostly dividend-paying stocks) and trade stocks occasionally.

I used to regularly view the financial shows on CNBC, Fox and Bloomberg, but I gave up watching them; too many ads and promotions, too much political opinion, too much babble and too little real news. Now, I read the Economist and Bloomberg Businessweek. includes many calculators and sample portfolios of stocks, which include representative stocks from various sectors or industries. I tend to include stocks that are well known to retail investors.

My purpose is to include tools and data about stocks and investing so readers can make their own decisions. Think of as an educational resource. I do not make any specific buy, sell or hold recommendations on the site.

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