GameStop June 3 - June 7 Returns Were Volatile

GameStop (GME) prices were on a roller coaster ride from June 3, 2024 through June 7, 2024.

3D Chart of All Buy any Sell Returns

The following 3D chart of buy and sell percent returns for June 3 through June 7 is based in 130 15-minute price intervals for five regular market sessions.

For that five-day period there were 8,385 buy and sell percent returns. 5,492 (65.50%) buy and sell returns made money (green areas) and 2,893 (34.50%) lost money (red areas). The ratio of profitable returns to unprofitable returns was 1.898.

The largest gain was 84.23% and the largest loss was 42.43%. The average return was 9.53%.

Important Lesson

Volatile prices lead to volatile returns.

See GameStop June 3 Trade was Unprofitable for Most Traders.

See GameStop June 3 - June 14 Unprofitable Returns Outnumbered Profitable Returns.

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