PepsiCo Hits All-time High

Pepsico, a stock I have owned for years, is at its all-time high of around $176. Despite the current stock market volatility and the on-going downside of many technology stocks PepsiCo is more than holding its own.

Long-term holders have been rewarded. Since April 19, 1973 the stock with dividends reinvested and adjusted for splits has a 13.11% annualized return. A $1,000 investment then is now worth $419,047.

And PepsiCo has increased its annual dividend 49 years in a row making it a Dividend Aristocrat, a handful of stocks that have increased their annual dividend for 25 or more consecutive years. PepsiCo's annual dividend adjusted for splits has increased from $0.01889 in March 1973 to a current $4.30, an annualized increase of 11.82%.

The company split its shares four times: 1977: 3 for 1, 1986: 3 for 1, 1990: 3 for 1 and 1996: 2 for 1.

PepsiCo is a key stock in my long-term dividend reinvestment stock portfolio.

Posted April 21, 2022