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PepsiCo: Multiyear Rising Dividends

The following chart of 200 quarterly dividends adjusted for splits for PepsiCo (PEP) starts with the June 1972 dividend of $0.00463 and ends with the March 2022 dividend of $1.075. That's an 11.51% annualized increase across all quarterly dividends.

The annual dividend has increased for 49 consecutive years making PepsiCo a Dividend Aristocrat. And PepsiCo is on track to increase is annual dividend in 2022.

Its current annual dividend is $4.30 with a dividend yield of 2.42% and it costs $39.93 to receive one dollar in dividends.

PepsiCo's record of multiyear dividend increases is one reason that I have held PepsiCo since 1990. The dividend increases coupled with its price appreciation PepsiCo is a premier growth stock. It is a great core holding for a long-term buy-and-hold stock portfolio.

Posted April 30, 2022