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Stock Return Calculator Help

Prices All prices are from Quandl and are adjusted for splits and dividends. Only stocks traded on U.S. stock exchanges are supported. All computations are based on closing prices.

No Fees, Commissions, Taxes and Capital Gains Distributions

The calculator does not include fees, commissions, taxes and capital gains distributions in its return computations.

Long Price Series: For long price series (many years of daily prices) there may be a delay of a few seconds before the results are displayed. When using daily prices for durations greater than 10 years, you may encounter a server error message. Because the total number of buy and sell combinations (returns) is equal to ((number of prices) * (number of prices -1 ))/2, long daily price series containing thousands of prices can require millions of computations causing the server to time out and send an error message.

Therefore, use weekly or monthly prices for series more than 10 years long.

Valid Dates:

Be sure that the End Date: is later than the Start Date: to avoid meaningless results.