Portfolio of iBuyers (Real Estate) Stocks

See the following 5 iBuyers (real estate) stocks.

5 iBuyers Stocks

& Monthly Returns

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Recent Prices
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eXp World HoldingsEXPI
Offerpad SolutionsOPAD
Opendoor TechnologiesOPEN
Sparkline weekly price charts based on Alpha Vantage data.

5 iBuyers Stocks

& Last 100 Days Returns


Last Close
& 100-Day Trendline Chart

eXp World HoldingsEXPI$11.62
Offerpad SolutionsOPAD$1.18
Opendoor TechnologiesOPEN$3.14

Portfolio Values

To inspect the performance of the iBuyers Stocks portfolio, see the chart below. Portfolio values are computed using monthly closes for stocks from Alpha Vantage.

EXPI and Z are included in the portfolio computations. The current value of the portfolio assumes that $5,000.00 was invested in each stock at its closing monthly price for the first date shown on the portfolio value chart below. All prices are adjusted for splits and dividends. The 3 stocks excluded from the portfolio computations because of insufficient price data are: OPAD, OPEN and RDFN.

The current value of the $10,000 investment is $23,403. The percent return is 134.03%. The annualized return is 18.54%.

2 iBuyers Stocks Returns



Monthly Returns & Details

eXp World HoldingsEXPI296.65%

Portfolio Value Chart for Last 100 Daily Closes

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