Portfolio of Cobalt Stocks Traded on Canadian and U.S. Stock Exchanges

The following table includes 18 cobalt stocks.

These stocks are volatile so check out their price charts.

18 Canadian and U.S. Cobalt Stocks

Name & Return

& Snapshot

Canada Cobalt Works CCWOF
Castle Silver Resources CSR.V
Cobalt 27 Capital KBLT.V
Cruz Cobalt CUZ.V
Cruz Cobalt BKTPF
eCobalt ECSIF
Explorex Resources EXPXF
First Cobalt Corp. FCC.V
First Cobalt Corp. FTSSF
Fortune Minerals Ltd. FTMDF
Global Energy Metals GEMC.V
Katanga Mining Limited KATFF
LiCo Energy Metals LIC.V
LiCo Energy Metals WCTXF
Polymet Mining PLM
Quantum Cobalt Corp. BRVVF
US Cobalt USCO.V
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