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Introduction to Buy-and-Hold Investing

Buy-and-hold investing is a simple approach that many long-term investors use to make money. With buy-and-hold investing you buy stocks and hold them for many years. Patiently owning a diversified portfolio of stocks with steady price appreciation and rising dividends coupled with dividend reinvestment can lead to substantial profits.

The following table table shows buy-and-hold returns for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), a global personal care and pharmaceuticals company.

Holding Period Results for JNJ
# Years Held
Number Returns
Frequency of Profitable Returns
All return data are based on monthly closes (adjusted for splits and dividends) from January 1980 to the present from Yahoo! Finance.

See Long-term Buy-and-Hold Stocks - All Stocks.

Use the Stock Holding Period/Return Calculator to see long-term buy-and-hold returns for your favorite stocks.

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