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Compare Returns of Two Stocks Chart Maker

Use the Compare Returns of Two Stocks Chart Maker to compare a buy-and-hold investment plan for two stocks.

The chart displays the dollar values for a selected price series interval, duration and amount invested for each stock.

Enter a valid stock symbol listed on a major U.S. stock exchange and supported by Quandl and select the price series and date information. Then click on the Display Chart button and the results will be displayed on a new page.

Compare Returns of Two Stocks Chart Maker
Quote Symbol:
Quote Symbol:
Amount Invested:
Price Series Interval:    Daily    Weekly    Monthly  Quarterly    Annual     
Date Info:
Start Date:
End Date:
Prices from Quandl are adjusted for splits and dividends. Calculator does not support mutual funds or indexes. Returns using daily prices for multiple years could display slowly.

Computational Notes:

Buy-and-hold calculations for each date include:

number shares = amount invested /closing price for the first date

The amount invested is a one-time investment. The number of shares remains the same for each date.

Value = number shares * closing price for date

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