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Dividend Reinvestment Backtest Calculator

To see how a long-term dividend reinvestment program would have paid off for an actual stock, enter any stock symbol listed on a major U.S. stock exchangeand supported by Quandl, a one-time initial investment amount, a recurring investment amount and interval and start and end dates in the form below.

Press the Calculate Results button, to display a summary table that shows the current value of the investment with dividend reinvestment.

Run the backtest calculator for many stocks to see which ones gave investors the largest long-term gains.

Dividend Reinvestment Backtest Calculator
Quote Symbol:
Initial Investment Amount:
Recurring Investment Amount:
Recurring Investment Interval (Months):
Start Date:
End Date:
Prices from Quandl are adjusted for splits and dividends. Dividends from Quandl are adjusted for splits. Calculator does not support mutual funds or indexes. Help

Use the Dividend Reinvestment Backtest Portfolio Calculator to display more detailed dividend reinvestment information for a potrfolio of stocks.

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