NNA Snapshot
Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation provides marine transportation services worldwide. The company owns a fleet of crude oil, refined petroleum product, and chemical tankers. The company charters its vessels to oil companies, refiners, and large vessel operators. As of March 5, 2020, its fleet consisted of a total of 46 double-hulled tanker vessels aggregating approximately 5.7 million deadweight tons, which included 13 very large crude carrier tankers, ten Long Range 1 product tankers, 18 Medium Range 2 product tankers, three Medium Range one product tankers, and two chemical tankers. Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation was founded in 2008 and is based in Monaco.
Market Capitalization$2,020
Price to Sales0.00
Earnings per Share$0.1964
PE Ratio179791008
Most Recent Close$3.2400
52 Week High$2.0374
52 Week Low$5.4069
50-Day Moving Average$2.9567
200-Day Moving Average$3.5138
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