APD Snapshot
Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. provides atmospheric gases, process and specialty gases, equipment, and services worldwide. The company produces atmospheric gases, including oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and rare gases; process gases, such as hydrogen, helium, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, syngas, and specialty gases; and equipment for the production or processing of gases comprising air separation units and non-cryogenic generators for customers in various industries, including refining, chemical, gasification, metals, manufacturing, food and beverage, electronics, magnetic resonance imaging, energy production and refining, and metals. It also designs and manufactures equipment for air separation, hydrocarbon recovery and purification, natural gas liquefaction, and liquid helium and liquid hydrogen transport and storage. Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. was founded in 1940 and is headquartered in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Market Capitalization$2,021
Price to Sales28.01
Earnings per Share$0.0185
PE Ratio3496399872
Most Recent Close$300.4500
52 Week High$0.7962
52 Week Low$324.5376
50-Day Moving Average$224.5246
200-Day Moving Average$297.1032
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