The AI (ChatGPT) Stock Investing Handbook: Table of Contents





Own Stocks for the Future

What is a Stock?

What is a Dividend?

Why Own Stocks?

Benefits of Owning Stocks

Risks of Owning Stocks

Are Stocks Good Investments?

Buy Stocks for the Long Run

Build Long-term Wealth with Stocks

Become Financially Secure with Stocks

Investing in Stocks is Not a Get-Rich Scheme

Become Financially Literate

Become a Confident Investor

Believe in the U.S. Economy

Stocks Somewhat Track U.S. Economy

Stock Market History

Getting Started with Stock Investing

Introduction to Stock Investing

Getting Started with Stock Investing

Getting Started with Stocks

Starter Stock Portfolio

Begin Stock Investing Now

Invest in Stocks for Many Years

Tips for Beginning Stock Investors

How to Make Money with Stocks

Making Money with Stocks

Sound Stock Investing Practices

Long Term Stock Investing

Dividend Reinvestment

Dollar-cost Average

Buy and Hold Investing

Diversify Your Stocks

Auto Pilot Stock Investing

Core Stock Portfolio

Own SPDR S&P 500 ETF in Your Core Portfolio

No Need to Obsess Over Your Stocks

No Need to Constantly Monitor Your Stocks

Review Your Long-term Stock Portfolio Monthly or Quarterly

Stock Investing Styles

Stock Investing Versus Speculation

Stock Investors Risk Level

Risk and Reward are Linked

Managing Stock Investing Risks

Investing Mistakes

Investing Pitfalls

Popular Investing Books

Open an Brokerage Account

Stock Brokerage Firms

Working With a Stock Broker

Robinhood Investors

Robo Stock Advisor

Stock Buyback

Efficient Market Hypothesis

Compound Interest

Annualized Return

Average Annual Return

Dividend Stock Investing

Dividend Reinvestment

Dividend Growth Rate

Dividend Payback

Monthly Dividend Stock

Dividend Aristocrats

Dividend Champions

Dividend Kings

Dividend ETFs

Dividend Discount Model

Two Stage Dividend Discount Model

Gordon Growth Model

Retirement Investing

Don't Grow Old and Poor

Setting Retirement Financial Goals

Have a Financially Secure Retirement

Own Dividend-Paying Stocks for Retirement Income

Stocks for Retirement

How to Budget Your Money

Set Aside Money to Buy Stocks

How to Save a Million Dollars

401(k) Accounts

IRA Accounts

SEP IRA Accounts

Gold Retirement Account

Gold as a Retirement Investment

Bitcoin as a Retirement Investment

Buying, Selling and Holding Stocks

Can You Make Money with Stocks?

Can You Lose Money with Stocks?

Long Term Stock Returns

Make Buying Stocks a Priority

Start Buying Stocks at a Young Age

Is Luck Involved in Picking Stocks?

Think Before You Buy and Sell Stocks

Buy Stocks on the Price Upside

Picking Stocks is Hard Work

Buying Stocks on Price Dips

Don't Get Overconfident with Stock Wins

Avoid Selling Stocks when Angry

Don't Pay Too Much for a Stock

Avoid Buying Stocks at Peak Prices

Avoid Selling Stocks at Bottoms

Fundamental Analysis

Stop-Loss Order

Slock Losses are Inevitable

Preventing Stock Losses

Short Selling

Paper Loss Versus Realized Loss

Buying on Margin

Trading Stocks

Day Trading Versus Long Term Investing

Compound Interest and Stock Investing

Stock Portfolios

What Is a Stock Portfolio?

Airline Stocks

Blue Chip Stocks

Cannabis Stocks

Computer Hardware Stocks

Copper Mining Stocks

Consumer Discretionary Stocks

Consumer Staples Stocks

Electric Utilities Stocks

Electric Vehicle Stocks

Graphite Mining Stock

Ground Shipping Stocks

Maritime Shipping Stocks

Lithium Mining Stocks

Money Center Bank Stocks

Investment Bank Stocks

Regional Bank Stocks

Semiconductor Stocks

Semiconductor Equipment Stocks

Silver Mining Stocks

Solar Energy Stocks

Water Utilities Stocks

Wind Energy Stocks

Building a Concentrated Stock Portfolio

Building a Diversified Stock Portfolio

11 Stock Market Sectors

Understand Value Stocks

Understand Growth Stocks

Understand Cyclical Stocks

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

What is an ETF?

Many ETFs Available

ETF Fees

ETFs versus Individual Stocks

Clean Energy ETFs

Computer Software ETFs

Consumer Discretionary ETFs

Consumer Staples ETFs

Dividend ETFs


Emerging Market ETF

Gold ETFs

Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ)

Russell 3000 ETFs

Solar Energy ETFs

SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF Trust (DIA)


S&P 500 ETFs

Vanguard ETFs

Mutual Funds

What is a Mutual Fund?

Mutual Fund Fees

Reasons to Avoid Mutual Funds

I Avoid Mutual Funds

S&P 500 Mutual Funds

Vanguard Mutual Fund

Stock Investing Cautions

Base Buy and Sell Decisions on Facts Not Emotion

Be Skeptical Of Tech Optimism

Avoid Impulse Stock Buy and Sells Decisions

Avoid Herd Mentality

Beware of Stock Tips from Social Media

Beware of TV Stock Tips

Beware of Bet the Farm Stock Tip

Beware of Stock Buy and Sell Recommendations

Beware Buy Side Analyst Recommendations

Beware Sell Side Analyst Recommendations

Beware Loading Up on Your Employers Stock

Beware of Stocks Tips from Friends

Beware of HODL Strategy

Beware Buying So-Called Hot Stocks

Beware of Buying Stocks on Hunches or Gut Feelings

Beware of Magical Thinking

Beware of Crptocurrency Magical Thinking

Beware of Meme Stocks

Beware of Pound the Table Stock Buy Tip

Beware Buying Volatile Stocks

Stock Market Indexes

Major U.S. Stock Indices

S&P 500

Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA)


NASDAQ Composite Index

Major U.S. Stock Exchanges

Price Patterns

Why are Stock Price Patterns Important to Investors

Learn to Read Price Patterns

Understand Price Patterns

Stock Market Trends

How to Spot Stock Market Trends

Bull Stock Market

Bullish Price Patterns

Bear Stock Market

Bearish Price Patterns

Stock Market Crashes

Magical Thinking and Stock Price Bubbles

Price Bubbles End Badly

Dot-Com Bubble and Crash

Price Bubbles and Giddy Optimism

Double Top

Double Bottom

Head and Shoulders Top

Head and Shoulders Bottom

Technical Analysis

Support and Resistance Levels

Price Resistance

Price Support

Momentum Indicators

Moving Average Patterns

Bollinger Bands

Candle Stick Charts

Do Stock Prices Change Randomly?

Elliott Wave Theory


Puts and Calls


Expiration Date

Time Decay


Covered Calls


Naked Put


10 Straddles

Long Straddle

Short Staddle

Pricing Models

Economics and Stocks


How Inflation Affects Stocks


How Deflation Affects Stocks


How Stagflation Affects Stocks


How a Recession Affects Stocks


How a Depression Affects Stocks

Relationship Between Stock Prices and Interest Rates

Relationship Between Bond Prices and Interest Rates

Federal Reserve

Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy and Stock Investing

Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Policy and Stock Investing

Own Stocks Get Started Dividends Retirement Buy Sell Hold Stock Portfolios ETFs Mutual Funds Cautions Indexes Price Patterns Options Econ

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