Amazon Profitable Returns Exceed 94%

Despite s significant price downside in 2022, Amazon (AMZN) bounced back so that over 94% of their monthly percent returns were profitable.

3D Chart of All Buy any Sell Returns

The following 3D chart of buy and sell percent returns from January 2004 to July 2004 uses 247 monthly closes.

For that period there were 30,381 buy and sell percent returns. 28,697 (94.46%) buy and sell returns made money (green areas) and 1,684 (5.54%) lost money (red areas). The ratio of profitable returns to unprofitable returns was 17.04.

Percent Returns for Each Purchase Date

Each vertical line represents the percent gain or loss for a purchase date held to the end date of the analysis. Positive returns are green lines and negative returns are red lines. Blue lines represent gains of 1000% or more. Large gains correspond to purchase dates with relatively low prices. Conversely, small positive gains or negative returns correspond to relatively high purchase prices.

If prices are on the upside for the period, gains for the earliest purchase dates tend to be higher than later purchase dates. However, if prices are on the downside for the period, gains for the earliest purchase dates tend to be lower than later purchase dates.

Return Statistics

Number Returns: 246
Number profitable returns less than or equal to 1000% (Green): 116 (47.15%)
Number profitable returns greater than 1000% (Blue): 130 (52.85%)
Number unprofitable returns (Red): 0 (0.00%)
Maximum return: 14,775.42% occurred on 2006-07-31

NOTE: All returns greater than 1000% are set to 1000% for scaling purposes of the chart's vertical axis.

Important Lesson

Prolonged price upsides produce profitable returns.

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