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Stock Returns: Selected High-Yield Stocks

Here are 10-year annualized returns for 26 selected high-yield stocks (dividend yield at or above five percent).

High-Yield Stocks (A-Z)
10-Year Annualized Return
AmeriGas Partners L.P.
Annaly Capital
Anworth Mortgage Asset Corporation
Apollo Investment Corporation
Arbor Realty Trust
Ares Capital
BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust
Capstead Mortgage
Dynex Capital
Enbridge Energy Partners L.P.
Gladstone Capital
Gladstone Commercial
Hercules Technology Growth Capital
Holly Energy Partners L.P.
Hospitality Properties Trust
MFA Financial
New York Mortgage Trust
North European Oil Royalty Trust Ctf Ben Int
NuStar Energy L.P.
Oneok Partners L.P.
Prospect Capital Corporation
Ship Finance International
Suburban Propane L.P.
TICC Capital
Triangle Capital Corporation
Vector Group
Annualized returns based on weekly closes from Yahoo! Finance as of Apr-01-2017.

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